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My favorite thing about dragons

Is that there is no wrong way to draw one.

I get so many people saying they can’t draw dragons

And I don’t get it because they can look like anything you want

They can have scales, skin, feathers, fur, you name it!

They can be more monster-like, elemental

or even dead!

They don’t even have to be a defined form.

Not all of them fly (wings are a pain, I get it)

They can swim, or not, whatever you’d like!

No eyes or a crap ton! It doesn’t matter!

Do you see now that when a person says “I can’t draw dragons like you!” I get confused? Because of course you don’t draw dragons like me. There are so many different factors that go into a dragon and we are different people with different minds. We will probably never draw dragons like each other. And that is what makes dragons so cool.

(Also all of these were drawn by me, you can find most, if not all, of them here)

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