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This is legit. x

And x

New Zealand finally gets the spotlight

Apparently USA is only #7



even canada’s higher than you america


I feel obligated to reblog every post that has the Robin Sparkles gif in it.

why is that even so surprising america treats people like shit

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Anonymous asked:

Hanna gets some creepy chain-letter and is trying to decide if he should send it, for the prompt thing


"Atticus please dude you don’t understand…" Hanna drummed his fingers against his laptop, neck craned back and appealing to his friend who had not even said anything. "This one time years ago I ignored one of these emails and since then I never got a girlfriend, I broke my arm twice, my roof in my old place started leaking, someone died.”

He frowned a bit, “Someone died?”

Hanna stopped the finger drumming and stared at him blankly for a second. “Ok, no, no one died. But you get the idea, I’m already a bad luck magnet if I don’t send this out to ten people its gonna get wORSE.”

He considered this, “I don’t think you’re a bad luck magnet.”

"Ok well - WAIT ARE YOU SMILING?" Hanna yelled, probably a bit too loud. "Dude, I’m tallying that, hahah thats great. But yeah look thats a sign, I gotta do it, I’m gonna send it." Hanna began furiously typing in every email he knew from the looks of it.

Once Hanna was done typing he hit ‘send’ dramatically and sat back with his arms crossed. “There. Done. I feel better already, but I’m not sure if Conrad will appreciate it-“

Hanna’s phone buzzed on the counter as he said it. His dead friend scooped up the phone and passed it over. Hanna opened a text from Conrad that said nothing except “STOP”


misha sometimes I really worry about you


Yanno, ever since my “New Followers” picture a few weeks back, more of you guys kept rolling in. We’re at 1341 now, wow! Where are you all coming from? Either way, hello and thanks for watching!

I was tempted to make a L33T joke at 1337, but instead I decided to not be lame, pick up some actual ink-and-markers and draw something the old fashioned way. I’m almost sure that Hanna and Trapinch might be related.

Keep on rocking, fandom. Keep on rocking.

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